Here's just a small sampling of our community wellness initiatives. 

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Women's Holistic Health Happy Hour & Panel 


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Women of wellness

An exciting and unique partnership between Le Musee de f.p.c, The George & Leah McKenna Museum of African-American Art, Wellness Entrepreneur Kimberly Doley and Navigate Nola, seeks to infuse wellness practices into the leadership practice of black millennial women.
The wellness initiative, entitled Women of Wellness (W.O.W), supports a pre-selected cohort of 15 African American millennial women in leadership positions, in the attainment of optimal wellness, by addressing the multiple dimensions of wellness throughout the course of one year. The group meets monthly to engage in wellness practices such as yoga, mindfulness/ meditation, relaxation exercises and facilitated listening sessions that seek to elevate the experiences of black women at the intersection of race, class and gender, through collective dialogue and empathic listening.
The goal of the initiative is to normalize self-care and wellness practices into the leadership practice of these women. The aspirational goal of the project is that the cohort’s dedication to wellness will have a rippling effect on black women throughout the New Orleans community at large, and set a precedence for self-care and wellness practices.




Creating Community 

Learning, Growing and Healing through Art and Wellness