Holistic Health & Healing

Holistic healing focuses on the health of the whole being- physical body, mind, emotions, spirit, and environment as an extension of the human being. It’s the natural way of taking care of the body to maintain optimal energy flow, balance, and functioning in all of the body’s layers and systems. Holistic health takes a preventative approach that encourages attunement to the cycles and seasons of nature so that lifestyle choices align with the body’s natural energy, maintenance of a clean nourishing diet with periods of cleansing and fasting, using natural products without synthetic chemicals (if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin), taking care of the earth and keeping it in balance as our main source of life, involvement in a values aligned community to support growth, service, and self actualization, career/work/daily activities for mental stimulation and fulfillment, intimate relationships and creative outlets for social and emotional well being, physical movement to shift energy and detoxify, stillness to release energy and balance the nervous system, and time in nature to reset the bodily systems. When illness, pain, distress, or some other imbalance arises, holistic healing looks to the root of the imbalance by paying attention to the body and how it’s operating in its day to day routine such as changes in sleep/rest patterns, day to day stress, challenging transitions. Holistic healing considers how the body is responding to its environment and the effects that has on physical constitution such as pain, digestive issues, inflammation or swelling, excess mucus, congestion, and low energy levels, among others. When ailments arise, the medicine varies from healing foods (mostly or all plant based), medicinal herbs, prayer, rest, healing modalities from ancestral, Eastern, and native traditions. Holistic healing does not diminish the value of allopathic/western medicine for treating chronic and acute issues and seeks to avoid having issues rise to that level. Practicing holistic health is a beautiful process of intention, self-discovery, self-realization, connection, self-love, self-care, and growth that delivers a deep and intimate knowing of the individual and recognition of the divine intelligence, wholeness, and interconnection of the human body and human beings. It has helped me to realize how valuable my health is and has given me an appreciation for life, how good my body can feel, and what I’m able to create and accomplish when my energy is clear and available to focus on living purposefully.

This blog post was written and prepared by Kimberly Doley